Tire Lettering Tire Paint

When it comes to automobile and motorcycle accessories, owners are always looking for new ways to stand out including, white letter tire paint. While there are many new trends in the industry, the latest wave is tire lettering paint for cars, trucks and motorcycles. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars to look different. But those looking to draw attention on a budget are experimenting with these tire paint pens to set their ride apart. With a few simple touches and attention to detail, you can easily own the road. As the world of vehicular accessories continues to grow, tyre sidewall pens and lettering kits are expected to increase in popularity. Express unique style on a budget. Find out how to paint your tires below.

White Tire Lettering for Sidewalls

White tire paint is a simple and effective way for vehicle owners to make a statement without having to break the bank. Boldness is something that comes from the principle of contrast—this can be seen in art, architecture, fashion, and just about anything else that uses aesthetics to catch the eye. Naturally, because tires are black, the paint that would stand out the most on them would be white, and white tire paint is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of all possible options.
There is a reason that professional drivers choose white tire paint more often than every other color combined: it stands out. Look at any professional formula one car, and if their tires are, in fact, painted (as almost all of them seem to be), their tires are painted white. White tire paint is the not only a choice of the world’s top professional drivers, but it is an increasingly popular choice among ordinary drivers, too. While black—in theory—is the absence of all colors, white is the presence of all colors, and because of this, positioning white and black together seems to be the boldest aesthetic that could ever possibly be achieved.

Ask the Tire Manufacturer

Some tire manufacturers offer their products pre-painted, and if you do decide you want to try something bold and hit the road with some freshly painted tires, it might be best to start by trying to get them directly from the manufacturer. However, many manufacturers are difficult to contact and some will overcharge their customers for something that is as simply applied as tire paint. If the manufacturer does not offer the tire model you want pre-painted—or if their price points are too ridiculous to accept—there are still a wide variety of options available for costumers on every type of budget.

Tire Paint Pens Vs Tire Lettering Kits

Some individuals who don’t want to deal with the mess of painting their tires themselves (or hiring a professional to paint them) choose to purchase tire lettering that can be applied directly to the outside of the tire. The pros of stick-on lettering are that it seems relatively clean and easy to apply. But don’t be fooled—these letters are known to wear down quickly and fall off over time. Using these letters may seem like a quick and easy option, but your bold look won’t seem quite as cool once your tires go from saying “Goodyear” to “Goo ear” in just a matter of weeks.

How to Paint Your Tires

Because most automobile enthusiasts prefer long-term quality over the quick and easy fix, the most commonly recommended form of tire cosmetics is a reliable brand of paint. If you are willing to take just a little bit of time to pay attention to detail, applying paint directly to the outside of your tires is a relatively easy task, even if you have little to no experience with painting or vehicle cosmetics. Quality tire paint is vastly superior to stick-on lettering because it lasts longer, is easier to touch-up, and has an elevated texture that simply cannot be achieved with the aforementioned alternatives.

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There are a lot of available brands of tire paint on the market, and most of these brands can be found at your local tire or auto-parts dealer. These paint letter kits & pens can be safely applied to almost any type of automobile tire without leaving a mess or ruining the tire. Now, more than ever before, it has become easy for an amateur to look like the professionals while on a budget, and to stand out and make a statement.